MS alumni

Department of Statistics, Korea University:

  • Misol Lee, 2017.
  • Jung Wun Lee, 2017.
  • Yeonha Lee, 2016.
  • Bumsung Park, 2016.
  • Hyung Choi, 2015. Now at Celltrion.
  • Minjin Kim, 2015. Now at NH Bank.
  • Changhyun Kim, 2015. Now at Ernst & Young.
  • Hyungkyu Kim, 2015. Now at Financial Supervisory Service.
  • Gayoung Park, 2014. Now at Fast Campus.
    • Jihye Ham, 2014. Now at Seoul Medical Center.

    Department of Data Information, Korea University:

    • Seongjong Yoon. Now at Daesang.
    • Soohong Lee, 2015. Now at SK Telecom.
    • Hyundai Lee,2015. Now at Agency for Defense Development.

    Department of Statistics, Ewha Womans University:

    • Sooyeon Hong, 2013. Now at Samsung SDS.
    • Junghwa Hong, 2013. Now at Department of Biostatistics, College of Medicine, Yonsei University.
    • Hanyi Song, 2012. Now at LG CNS.
    • Soomin Kim, 2012. Now at LG CNS.
    • Sojin Ko, 2012. Now at Ernst & Young.
    • Hayoung Lee, 2011. Now at Hyundai Card Capital.

    PhD alumni

    Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Michigan State University:

    • Hsiu-Ching Chang, 2011. Now at Department of Clinic, Epidemiology, and Biostatistics, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.
    • Dissertation: Latent Class Profile Analysis: Inference, Estimation and Its Applications.

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